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WWII Veterans Return to Normandy for the 2019
75th D-Day Anniversary Ceremony and we need your help


We have 2 WWII Veterans who are 95 & 96 years old. Clinton Riddle is the last surviving member of the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne and Gerald "Andy" Anderson served with the 16th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division. Both took part in the greatest invasion the world has seen. Operation Overlord, June 6, 1944, D-Day Clinton landed behind enemy lines while Gerald Came on shore with the first wave on Bloody Omaha Beach.

World War 2 Tours of Europe are asking for a small donation to take these 2 heroes of our greatest generation back to Normandy for the 75th D-Day Ceremonies taking place in Normandy, France on June 5, 6 & 7, 2019. The funds raised will pay for the round trip airfare for the veterans and a member of their family / escort from USA to Paris.

On arrival in Paris, World War 2 Tours will pay all expenses for them while in France. This will probably be the last time that these 2 WWII Veterans can make it over to honor their fallen comrades who lie interned in the Normandy American Military Cemetery in Normandy and to be honored by our nation and the grateful French population.

Please please click here to help us get 2 of our veterans back to Normandy before it is
too late. Let us honor them. We have set up a GoFund Me page if you are able to donate
to this great cause


Our tour guides are all ex-military and WWII Historians. Why is this important? Simply speaking our professional guides know WWII inside and out unlike similar tour companies that only use tour escorts and students.

Experience the history of WWII and the stunning sites and beauty of Europe along the way with WWII Tours of Europe and... we can't wait to meet you!


Bastogne Barracks honors our WWII Veteran of Patton's Third Army Manuel "Manny" Perez on our European Battlefield Tour September 2017. Click here to see his amazing visit.

Produced by Bastogne Barracks in honor of Manuel "Manny" Perez


June 2nd - June 14th 2019
(13 day Escorted Tour)

75th D-Day Anniversary WWII Tour
France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany

 June 3rd - June 15th 2020
(13 day Escorted Tour)
76th D-Day Anniversary WWII Tour
France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany

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Sept 11th - Sept 23rd 2019
(13 day Escorted Tour)
WWII European  Battlefield Tour
France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany

Sept 26th - October 8th 2020
(13 day Escorted Tour)
WWII European Battlefield Tour
France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany

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We want you to be comfortable on our tours so we don't fill our luxury tour coaches to capacity. All our tour buses are fully equipped for your safety and comfort and all meet the very rigorous, German / European safety standards with safety inspections being completed every 3 months.

Each tour bus is equipped with: Plush reclining seats with extra leg room, Thermo Pane panoramic windows (no condensation to spoil your views) full A/C throughout, on board toilet, refrigerator stocked with available cold water, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, enhanced sound system, MP3 and CD/ DVD players with TV monitors.

Our tour bus drivers have been hand picked and trained for our WWII Tours and speak English, and have passed the German tour bus safety courses. All our tour buses are German registered.


Watch this emotional video showing 2 of our WWII Veterans
being presented with our plaques of recognition. Presented by
the Superintendent of the American Military Cemetery at Omaha Beach.

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